Are you looking to inexpensively generate more qualified leads?
Almost every new CRM client that we work with (and many existing ones) are looking to do just that.


The question is how?


Try this.


Have your website offer some kind of free report along the lines of "8 Dumb (& Costly) Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes When __________ <<put what your business does here>> And How To Avoid Them (free report)".


The key is to make your website visitors have to fill out a form providing their contact information in order to get the report.


Now comes the cool part.


When they click submit have the information captured on the form automatically put into your CRM such as Microsoft CRM (if they already are in your CRM then just add a note to their record that they requested the report on such and such date). 


You then have your CRM system automatically attach your "prospect requested free report" automated campaign to that person and make the first action to email them the report.  


The idea is educate and advance your prospect in your sales cycle through a series of pre-planned communications without your assigned sales rep having to remember to manually do each step.


The communications can go across multiple channels (emails, calls, letters, faxes and even voice broadcasts) using a predetermined time sequence such as:


     – Immediately email them the free report

     - Wait 7 days and send out email #1

     – Wait 14 days and send out letter #1

     – Wait 7 days and send out email #2

     – Have your assigned sales rep call them the next day

     – Wait 7 days and send out email #3


Your actual campaign could be quite a bit more involved but I think you get the idea.


The power of this approach is once you have designed it and written the content for the emails and letters that the system can automatically make sure that every step is done when it is supposed to be done and as a result your valuable leads won't fall through the cracks because someone forgot to follow up!!


You can even create Dashboards (Business Intelligence or Analytics) so you can see how many leads were generated this month compared to last month where they came from and where they are on the automated campaigns.


If this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about then give us a call at 858-541-1820 or send us an email at info@rbdata.com and we will tell you more about how to put this powerful lead generation system to work for you.


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