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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Services
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  • Install & configure  Microsoft Dynamics CRM .

  • Review an existing CRM installation to verify that it was done properly.

  • Install & configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Exchange so that all appropriate emails get automatically tracked in CRM.

  • Migrate existing client and prospect data from various sources such as Act!, GoldMine, and Excel into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Create custom fields, custom screens and workflow to tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM to their business.

  • Analyze, refine and automate your best business practices so that you can reduce the gap between your top performers and your average performers.

  • Create custom CRM dashboards using Sharepoint to provide real time business analytics.

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your PDAs to give your people who are often out of the office complete access to all of their company CRM data without the burden of having to use their laptops.

  • Write custom SQL Reporting Services (SRS) reports.

  • Extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM either by selecting, installing and configuring a viable third party add-on product (many are not!) or if one does not exist by writing custom code

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your other mission critical applications such as their financial and quotation software to have all key information available in one place and to eliminate double entry.

  • Create web site portals so that their customers can access a support knowledge base to get 24/7 self service support.  These portals can also be set up so that if their customers can not find an adequate answer to a support issue that they can initiate a support ticket on the spot.  This support ticket will then be automatically entered into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and assigned to an appropriate support person.  If it is not resolved in a predetermined period of time it is automatically escalated to a more senior support person.  Reports that show support trends can then be generated.

  • Use CRM to implement a customer loyalty program.

  • Provide training for their team members.

  • Provide both on-site and remote ongoing support.


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