GoldMine Corporate Edition


GoldMine Corporate Edition


Focus on Customer Relationships

GoldMine Corporate Edition enables you to effectively manage every facet of your business relationships. Opportunities to win and retain customers occur at every phase of the customer relationship lifecycle. GoldMine Software enables you to turn more of these opportunities into additional bottom-line value, often by leveraging data you already collect.


Created for entire small to medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises, GoldMine Corporate delivers software the way you want it.




GoldMine Corporate Edition is ideal for current GoldMine customers who don't need customer support capabilities. For these same full-featured CRM capabilities with added advanced customer service and support capabilities, please visit GoldMine Premium.

Are you ready to act on every opportunity?



It happens every day. Hours are lost to the avalanche of e-mail, voice mail, phone calls, documents and unexpected appointments. Administrative tasks win out over real productivity. Can you afford to let your time evaporate without a measurable return? You need proactive, team-based business and customer relationship management to:


• Automate routine and repetitive tasks
• Track all sales and marketing activities
• Identify high-margin leads and high-value customers
• Proactively manage customers’ needs to increase satisfaction and improve
• Compile and coordinate customer information into one centralized database
• Reduce costs by eliminating the duplication of effort

You need more than a contact manager. You need GoldMine® software



Plot a clear path to success


How effective could you be with a 360-degree view of your organization? GoldMine helps you design and navigate a road map to your goals with analytical and reporting tools that show you how your strategies are performing. Ongoing innovations and third-party applications from FrontRange Solutions Partners further enhance the user experience.


Recent studies show that businesses typically spend between 10 and 30 percent of their revenue on marketing. With today’s competitive environment, firms are scrutinizing each of their expenses, especially those that are perceived to be discretionary spending.  GoldMine enables you to:


     • Set up, manage and execute campaigns more effectively
     • Connect your various channels, including your Web site, telesales and partners, for
       more effective interactions with your prospects and customers
     • Create "drip" campaigns to nurture leads until they are ready to engage your sales

     • Execute personalized campaigns to the right person every time
     • Analyze campaigns to optimize the return on investment from your marketing efforts
       Features Advanced capabilities for customer relationship management — Integration

       with HEAT® Service & Support, FrontRange Voice IP Contact Center, GoldMine IP Voice Suite,

       and other valuable extensions.





GM+Browser — View information from external sources, such as databases, back office systems, and websites.

Workflow enhancements, Contact Search Center — Within GoldMine Corporate Edition you can streamline multiple-step processes-without having to move customer contact records.

Pluggable Active X/HTML Containers — Use this seamless development tool to integrate applications such as SoftPhone.

Microsoft reporting services integration — Leverage functionality within Microsoft SQL.

Company-wide visibility — Instantly access an overall company view of customer relationship and contact information, including complete histories, sales, and calls.

Reporting and analysis management — Analyze your leads, sales, and marketing. Create, manage, preview and generate reports from a central area.

Synchronization — Automate synchronization via GoldSync.

Remote data access — Access the Web via iGoldMine or iGoldMine Plus.

Integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and Exchange — Enable GoldMine and Outlook users to share contacts, email, calendaring and scheduling.

Integration with HEAT Service & Support — Combine GoldMine and HEAT to gain a complete view of relationships and all interactions with contacts, including customer service and IT help desk issues.

Business intelligence — Access business intelligence tools by integrating Microsoft Reporting Services, enabling you to analyze your data and schedule reports to automatically email to users.


Automation — Automate database administration and mass mailings. Easily generate targeted, personalized email, letters and faxes from a central location.

Team-based collaboration — Share critical information across teams or the organization, inside and outside your office.


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