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About RB Data Services


RB Data Services is a professional services firm that has been assisting our clients in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles in selecting, implementing and fully benefiting from effective, easy to use sales, marketing and customer service solutions since 1989.  We do this by using CRM along with our expertise to identify, refine and automate your key business processes.


Since our consultants are Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM), and GoldMine certified, we can help you select the solution that will work the best for you.  No one solution be it Dynamics CRM, or GoldMine Software is the best choice for everyone.  Once the right CRM solution has been selected for the right reasons we can assist you ever step of the way from design, implementation, bringing in your current customer data from whatever application it is in, writing custom reports, training and support.


We are pleased to have assisted hundreds of organizations, of all sizes, with their business automation needs. Some of the organizations that we have worked with include:



    •                        * University of California, San Diego
    •                        * AMN Healthcare
    •                        * Diocese of San Diego
    •                        * Scripps Hospital
    •                        * Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce
    •                        * Harbor Island Sheraton


    Rick Bellefond, President


    RB Data Services was founded by Rick Bellefond. Mr. Bellefond has been specializing in designing, implementing, supporting, and enhancing customized information tracking and management systems since 1989. He has both Bachelor's and Masters Degrees in Computer Science as well as over twenty years of software development experience. His Master's degree is from Duke University. Mr. Bellefond provides cost effective solutions to a wide range of complex problems including: Client Management; Lead Management; Telemarketing Management; Mailing List Management; and Customer Service Management.





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