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GoldMine Add-On Enhancement Products



Some of the products that we have found to be exceptionally useful for us as well as our clients are:

wMobile product enables users to have live wireless access to a GoldMine based CRM system from their handheld device.

wMobile contains full contact management features enabling a user to review existing CRM information as well as to provide updates on the fly.

wMobile will work on most devices that offer a web browser.  wMobile has been tested on all BlackBerry models, all Treo models as well as devices running Windows Pocket PC





MasterMine - Let's you get information out of GoldMine and use it to improve your business.

    Build's quick, flexible reports, lists and graphs in seconds

    Let's you change reports on the fly

    Integrates your live reports back into GoldMine

    MasterMine is true business intelligence


  FaxRush is a virtual member of your support team.  FaxRush takes care of printing and faxing cover memos, product information, and everything else.  FaxRush is super fast and easy for your staff to use.   Features are accessed directly within GoldMine so there is no new software to learn, no workstation overhead, no delays for word processors to load, and no fax client software to take memory.


GoldBox is a data management toolkit written specifically for all shipping versions of GoldMine.  It allows you to do things that you just could not do otherwise especially in regard to things likes importing and exporting and GoldMine data manipulation.


QwikQuote is the original and leading software package for product management and sales quoting. QwikQuote makes it easier and faster to communicate product information and to generate customized sales quotations. 


With ProposalMaster, you can create complete proposals, letter proposals, and sales letters in a matter of minutes. It's a smart system that asks you a few questions about the opportunity and the prospect, then creates a client-centered, professional proposal—instantly. And once ProposalMaster has done its magic, you have a Microsoft Word document that you can edit and modify to make it even more specific.


Want to print professional labels from GoldMine without the hassle of using label sheets? DYMO's award-winning line of LabelWriter printers provides effortless label printing, one at a time or by the hundreds.


  Stonefield Query – Advanced GoldMine report generation tool.  Not only does it allow provide advanced reporting options that are not available in GoldMine but once the report has been written this powerful package will run the reports much faster than with the standard GoldMine Report Writer or even using Crystal Reports.


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