As over used as the tag line of "let's you do more with

less" is, that is exactly what happens when you properly

use Microsoft CRM segmentation.




Let's say that one of the products that you company

sells is the Alpha 5. Perhaps your company is getting

ready to replace the Alpha 5 with the Alpha 6 which has

many new features as well as compliance benefits in the

states of California, Arizona and Texas.


With CRM segmentation you could run a marketing

campaign targeting only companies who purchased the
Alpha 5 in the last 3 years who are based out of California,
Arizona or Texas.


Maybe your current sales data base has 100,000

prospects and clients in it but only 7,500 customers world
wide own the Alpha 5 and only 500 of them have purchased
the Alpha 5 in the last 3 years that are based out of

California, Arizona or Texas.


This means that instead of doing a mass mailing to

100,000 that you can do a targeted mailing to 500. If

the cost of each mail piece, including postage, that you
want to send is $3, this means that the cost of mailing
for the campaign would be $1,500 instead of $300,000.


Not only would your mailing cost for the campaign be

dramatically lower but now you can make your messaging

much more relevant to your target group.


Now instead of sending out a generic message to the

100,000 people in your data base your messaging might be

something along the lines of:





Hi Bob,


As an owner of the Alpha 5 since March 4, 2009, I am

excited to let you know that we are getting ready to

come out with the Alpha 6.


The primary advantages of the Alpha 6 over the Alpha 5



Advantage 1


Advantage 2


Advantage 3


Plus the Alpha 6 is in full compliance with your new

Texas OSHA regulation A5208 which the Alpha 5 is not.


For the next 90 days, until Dec 21, 2011, you can

purchase the Alpha 6 at our prefered customer

promotional pricing of $72,500.


After Dec 21, 2011 the price of the Alpha 6 will return

to its normal price of $105,000.


I will give you a call in the next few days to discuss

this further.



Sincerely yours,

Joe Salesperson




If this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, then give us a call at 858-541-1820 or send us an email at info@rbdata.com and we will tell you more about how you can put this power of CRM segmentation to work for you.

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