Salesforce.com, one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) solutions on the market has incorporated what they call Salesforce chatter, or sfdc chatter.  CRM's have become very popular for both large and small companies because they work extremely well in helping to organize and even automate different portions of a company's processes.  In this article we will cover the advantages of chatter and how this innovated approach can help your company succeed.

What is Salesforce Chatter?

Salesforce chatter is a communication tool, much akin to social websites such as Facebook.   The chatter allows any company to get real time feedback as well as updates from other employees in a company, regardless of their location.

This system also allows you to share documents as well as any data. 

Chatter also allows you to create different groups that are private to other parts of an organization. For exmaple, if a company has a new sales team for a project, sfdc chatter will allow a company to make a specific group for this sales team and then all members can have a private conversations, share data, as well as interact with each other in order to strengthen the communications in that sector.

With social sites such as facebook gaining in popularity and respect from users all over the world, migrating employees to use a similar method of talking to other employees is faily easy as they are already in a habit of communicating in this fashion. 

Communication between team members and team leaders not only strengthens a relationship, but it helps an employee feel like an intergral part of a company. This is just one benefit how utilizing Chatter can improve the momentum in any department that utilizes.

What Other Ways Are Companies Using SFDC Chatter?

There are many profitable and creative ways that a company can use Chatter, besides having the ability to stay informed about what is happening in the office and share important data, chatter has also been found to reduce the prevel ance of emails in a company due to the instant feedback that is available in chatter. 

Chatter also helps employees easily locate internal experts within their organization for a number of problems.  A common example is if a customer service rep or a sales team member runs into a problem with a customer that they do not have to answer too, such as how to properly address a customer concern or close a client, they will have a number of suggestions almost instantly via Chatter.

Again, Chatter is very effective in increasing the productivity within an organization.  

In a competitive field such as sales, other sales team members in different areas can share what works best for them and how they are closing sales, overcoming objections and so on.  With the ability to share data either company wide or privately within an organization as well as get instant feedback on real issues that employees face on a daily basis, makes Salesforce Chatter a must for any company that is looking to improve communication and productivity in their company.

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