Having a quality sales force in place is essential to the success of most businesses.  Why do some salespeople succeed and others fail?  Here is a list of the top five reasons some salespeople fail.
1.     Most salespeople spend too much of their time selling with prospects who will not buy.  It is important to prospect efficiently and effectively. 

2.    They don't have a consistent sales process.  Do you treat each sale differently? It is important to have a sales process that you use with all your prospects and customers.  Use a sales process that has the highest probability of producing high closing rates on all your prospects.  This way your results won't be hit or miss.


3.    Many salespeople don't spend enough time building trust.  Prospects want to purchase something from someone they can trust and respect.  Build a trusting relationship with your prospect from the beginning.


4.    Most salespeople close at the end of their sales process.  Top salespeople start closing at the beginning of their sales cycle and continue to close throughout the process.


5.    Most sales people do presentations about their product and company rather than determining the real need of their prospect.  This will make your prospect feel neglected.

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