Things We Do Better

Things We Do Better


Extensive CRM Experience With All Of The leading CRM Products

            While most of our competitors have only recently started working with CRM and have only been involved with a few CRM implementations with usually just one CRM Product, we have been involved with hundreds of implementations with all of the leading CRM products including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoldMine,, SalesLogix, Sage CRM, ACT!, TeleMagic and ACCPAC CRM.  We fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

Entensive Experience Automating Business Processes

            We see far to many organizations that have spent a lot of time and money on their CRM that have not taken advantage of what we thing is the most powerful capability of CRM and that is workflow or automated processes.  That is often times the difference between an expensive glorified electronic rolodex and proactive, revenue generating CRM system. Many of our clients have automated different parts of their business including nurture marketing, new client processes, lost client reacquisition strategies, automatic support incident escalation, etc.

No Geek Speak

                       You deserve to get answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. Our certified CRM specialists and network engineers will not talk down to you or make you feel stupid because you don’t understand their “geek speak”


Risk Free Consulting

            If we ever send a new CRM specialist or network engineer to your office and you do not like the work that they are doing or the way that they are interacting with your staff simply let us know before they have been at your office for less than four hours and there will not be any charge for their visit. What could be more fair?
 We Are Very Responsive
            A common statement that we hear from our clients is that we are much more responsive than the CRM and IT firms that they have dealt with in the past. 
Don’t take our word for this, here is what just a few of our clients are saying:
"Your team really understood our needs and worked through the process from start to finish, while helping us steer clear of potential hazards.  Effective design and implementation requires a thoughtful, professional approach. Solid data, clear communication, and responsiveness are critical to success.  Thanks for getting us there."
James Tuck – Scripps Center For Executive Health
"Very knowledgeable.  It is easy to get in touch with you.  All experiences good!"
 Pat Westbrook – Bridal Bazaar


“We desperately needed timely assistance, Rick made himself available was prompt and thorough. The biggest benefits that we experienced were stability of our system and relief knowing that we had reliable and knowledgeable help”
Karen Paige – Merrill Lynch

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the data conversion project.
I was nervous that the new CRM system was going to be a major headache; however with your help and technical skills it went seamlessly.
I highly recommend RB Data Services and look forward to continuing to work with you.”
James Anthony – Professional Drivers, Inc.

 “The peace of mind knowing one of the ‘life bloods’ of our business (our contact manager) is being taken care of by a knowledgeable and professional company”
Nick Garbarini – Ford Financial Services, Inc.


“Quick project turnaround enabled the project to proceed much quicker and with much less start time then would have been possible with other solutions”
Marty Pringle – A Life Medical, Inc.


“You were able to understand our complex data and write something that worked. It gave us a lot of power at our fingertips”
Kim Steere – Marriott Vacation Club

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