When sales, marketing, and service teams increase their

productivity through the use of a holistic CRM solution,
both customer experience and business results improve,
a competitive advantage.


Executive Overview


Business growth, cost optimization, customer

relationships-these are among CEOs' top priorities

this year, according to a recent survey of 704 CEOs

conducted by The Conference Board.


Addressing all three is no easy feat. As executives

strive to maximize business growth, they often

struggle to strike a balance between lowering

operational costs and meeting rising customer

expectations. However, keeping pace with customers'

ever-increasing expectations while growing

revenues is possible.


One way to do so: improve frontline employee

productivity, with a goal to optimize overall business



Too often, productivity is confused with simply

demanding more from employees. Instead, decision-

makers need to think more holistically about how

they're going to increase total business

productivity by applying the right mix of people,

processes, and technology.


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