Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services





Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, are strategic business solutions that are achieved by leveraging technology and can pay for themselves over and over.


However, before RB Data Services can help you; we must discuss with you your specific situation. By doing this we can define your exact need. Once we have done this we can then suggest a solution.


Working together, we will then set up a schedule to implement your solution and train your staff so you will get an immediate return on your investment.


Some of the many services that we can assist you with are:


    * Product Selection – We work with several CRM products.  We have found that no one product is right for everyone. no matter what the various manufacturers would like for you to believe.  We can help you find the one that is right for your organization based on your requirements.

    * Requirements Definition – Often times organizations know that they need to improve their customer acquisition and retention strategies while controlling costs.  We can help define the requirements for a successful CRM implementation.

    * Implementation - Take the requirements definition and build a system to those specifications.

    * Data Migration – We have tools along with the expertise that can help move your customer and prospect data from many different sources such as Outlook, Excel, other CRM products, and your financial software package and get it into your new CRM system.  Usually it is fairly simple to move the basic contact information such as name, address, phone number but the bigger challenge is moving the custom fields along with the calendar and historical data.

    * Integration – We can help integrate your CRM with other applications such as your financial software so that you can see selected pieces of financial information without leaving your CRM such as order history along with other key pieces of information such as what terms you have them set up and whether they have any unpaid invoices.  Another key benefit to this kind of integration is that you can avoid double entry so if an address changes you only have to update it in one place.  We can also offer other kinds of integration such as integrating your CRM with your phone system and website.

    * Business Process Automation – One of the most powerful and least used aspects of CRM is to analyze, refine and automate your best practices.  An example of this might be to put into place a Nurture Marketing system so that that your longer term prospects can be automatically nurtured, educated and moved along in the sales process without taking the time and attention of your sales people who are focusing on opportunities that are expected to close in the near term.

    * Training – We find that without proper training the people who are using the CRM system day in and day out only use a small percentage of it's capabilities.  Training should best be thought of as an ongoing investment in your people's productivity.  We offer both end user and administrative training on the CRM products that we sell and support.

    * Support – We offer a full range of support ranging from on-site, telephone and remote access.

    * Custom Reports – We can write a full range of custom reports that will help you better analyze what is going with your business and to make informed decisions using that information.

    * Suggestions Of Third Party Products – There are literally hundreds of add on products that can add power and new functionality to your CRM system.  Some of these products are very good and some are not, we can help you select and implement the ones that work best.

    * System Review & Enhancement – Since CRM is really more of a business strategy for how you do business than a technology it is a good idea from time to time to evaluate where you are, what is working and what is not working.  We can help facilitate this process.



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