CRM Tips # 4


Sales process management is customer relationship management


Selling a seventy-five cent candy bar doesn’t require a large degree of customer relationship management.  The person that buys the candy bar is the decision maker, sees you simply as a vendor, and sees the whole transaction as a low risk undertaking.  The sales process is very straightforward.



But selling a more complicated product or service is not so simple.  There may be multiple decision makers and a more involved decision-making process.  Chances are such a purchase or commitment also carries with it a higher investment and hence, a higher perceived risk.  The selling process is equally complicated.  It may involve multiple calls, demonstrations, testimonials, presentations, and some degree of pre-sale technical support. This degree of complexity, where the salesperson often acts as a business consultant, makes relationships between the buyer and seller very important. As selling processes have become increasingly complex over the last several years, many businesses have found that their sales effectiveness – even that of their ‘best’ sales professionals – has decreased.



Today’s more complicated selling situations require a more consultative sales process. To be successful, the salesperson must provide a higher level of justification (ROI) for their product/service to the customer and this involves a higher level of interaction. But, in turn, the salesperson’s productivity goes down – successful sales take more work and more time to close.  What to do?


Enter CRM.


For businesses selling products or services that require a customer-consultative sales process, customer relationship management (CRM) is essential to maintaining sales effectiveness. A CRM system can ensure that a consultative approach is followed by guiding the salesperson into and through all the customer information that must be gathered and digested.  Moreover, a CRM can be used to tie the data gathering, customer ROI analysis for your product and service, and the proposal preparation all into one seemless workflow.  By doing this, the CRM can compensate for the additional sales workload by streamlining the task with automated tools.



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