CRM Tips # 9


Making Loyalty Your Customer Strategy…




In many companies, there is an odd paradox about their customer relationships.   They work extremely hard to get new customers.


They spend good money to do:

    * Advertising
    * Create fancy proposals
    * Buy lunches
    * Do demonstrations
    * Build prototypes
    * And much more…


And then, once they have the customer, they turn them into an orphan that goes un-noticed and


The big problem for companies that exhibit this paradox is that their profits correlate to the customers they keep instead of to the new customers they get.


Loyal customers spend more, cost less to service, and provide referrals.


Creating loyalty requires a clear customer strategy.


This, in turn, requires an understanding of exactly who your customers are and how they are different from one another.


Your customers need to be categorized according to their:

    * Products and/or services purchased
    * Frequency of purchases
    * Total amount of purchases and
    * Profit


Once that is done then appropriate sales, marketing, and service strategies must be developed for each category.


Then, those strategies can then be supported by appropriate CRM software and technology.


Customer loyalty also hinges on addressing both the customer’s need for a tangible benefit as well as the way your business makes them feel.


This kind of emotional loyalty is achieved by turning customer problems into opportunities for success.


This means making sure the customer is convinced that you have their best interests at heart.


This comes from your customers knowing, among other things, that your company:

    * Understands their needs
    * Is fair and honest
    * Is committed to their success and
    * Fully appreciates their business

This is what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about.



That is why I keep saying that CRM done right is more about the customer experience that you provide than technology.


Automation of bad business practices will simply let you provide substandard service to more people faster.


Good CRM results in high loyalty, and – much better profits.


An automated CRM system is one of the best ways to execute your customer loyalty strategy. It ensures that everyone in contact with your customer understands the importance of that customer category and can deliver a level of service consistent with your customer strategy.


Moreover, an effective CRM system can ensure that company customer policies are applied consistently and that every employee engaged in customer contact delivers a clear message to the customer that says: "We appreciate your business."


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