CRM Tips # 11


Have You Ever Lost A Customer Because You Forgot To Follow Up?



There are very few business people who haven’t lost an important opportunity because
they failed to promptly “follow up” with someone.


It’s all too easy to do.


You promise to get back to them with a price, a formal proposal, or some other detail… and you really intend to do it… but… well… there was a crisis at the office, that other deal you’ve been working on suddenly heated up, or maybe you just plain forgot.


Your good intention “slipped through the cracks” and that golden opportunity slipped right through with it.


Adequate lead follow up is not a little problem.


A recent study by the Aberdeen Group of Boston found that 87% of leads eventually result in a sale.


The same study however, showed that only 10% of leads were followed up promptly, and a whopping 69% got no follow up at all!


That’s a lot of opportunity slipping through those cracks.


How does this happen?


Follow up takes time, it takes meticulous attention, and it’s not scalable when done by an individual.  Worse, the more business opportunities you are given, the more likely you are to let something slip through the cracks by not following up!


All of this is why automating your customer relationship management (CRM) functions is so vital.


CRM can be employed to ensure that follow up does happen in a timely and appropriate way.


Using a CRM system does not leave follow up to chance; it guarantees that each lead will remain on the radar no matter how slow-acting they might be.


After all, people buy when they’re ready, not necessarily when you are.


And think about it - if you are able to follow up effectively, several things will happen.

First, you’ll get a much bigger share of those 87% of leads that do eventually buy.

Second, your sales operations can scale more easily which is the key to your overall growth.

Third, your sales operations will not have to focus as much on finding new raw leads, and instead focus on harvesting the ones they already have.

When viewed in those terms, it is surprising that all businesses don’t focus on improving their follow-up systems.

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