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CRM 2.0 – Adding Efficiency To Effectiveness…

There was a time when automating customer service was all about using fancy voice response systems to replace the cost of face-to-face service and/or driving customer interactions with carefully scripted Q&A dialogs. True, these services were dollar efficient but have not proven to be very effective – at least in terms of increasing “customer delight”. The lack of effectiveness is due in large measure to the mistaken assumption that most customers are, and want to be, self-sufficient. Wrong. Only a few really are. Shoving the rest into long wait queues on the telephone, or handling the truly self-sufficient with scripted Q&A’s only increases customer frustration.

Worse, in the name of efficiency, many companies tend to build a defensive wall around themselves and make it difficult for customers to penetrate that wall unless it’s in a carefully orchestrated manner.  In  effective, these companies are isolating themselves from their customers instead of recognizing that customer experience, customer knowledge are assets to be harnessed, leveraged, and integrated into the company’s offerings.

Enter CRM 2.0  – or in other terms: “Social CRM”. The benefit of CRM 2.0 lies in making customer interactions H2H – human to human. The idea is to exploit collaborative information from real people rather than present prospects or customers with impersonal, sterile information. Instead, collaborative devices like blogs, wikis, forums, podcasts, online meetings, and webcasts would replace generalized or scripted approaches.

By utilizing your own customers in such a collaborative way, every customer adds to your ability to provide quality, human, customer service. Not least is that the CRM 2.0 approach reinforces respect for the customer.  Increased interactivity also boosts the quality of your products and raises the level of the service you provide – all good to improve the customer experience!

The scary part of CRM 2.0 is that it can have the effect of putting the company “under the microscope” of the customer.  But that’s not a threat to the smart company. Anything but. Smart companies, understand that CRM 2.0 will give them better data with which to build products and services, and will open a new customer channel which will give customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. That’s a win-win result!

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