When choosing a CRM system one basic choice is do you want to have your data reside in the cloud or on premise.  There are distinct advantages to both approaches.  This post will talk about some of the advantages of a cloud based CRM system.

When a company wants to improve their relationships with their customers and future clients, then implementation of a cloud or web based CRM system has been proven to be cost effective and incredibly efficient.

A cloud based CRM system allows any company the ability to track data across many different departments, trace orders, monitor discounts, and well as track any system that a company puts in place. Saying this, Cloud computing gives a company an advantage that is truly unlimited.

Cloud CRM -The Advantages

Cloud CRM also called Web CRM or SaaS (software-as-a-service) CRM, has quickly become the standard in how a company uses their front office software. SaaS offers a cost effective solution to companies, allowing them the ability to reduce both customer service and even IT expense on the company as a whole.

A Saas CRM system can help provide an economical solution to startup companies that need to save their capital on other aspects of business processes by helping a company save money by reducing IT costs that are required to operate a CRM.

In fact, running an SaaS customer relationship management software system can cut the costs, especially the initial cost of hardware and licenses for running an on premise CRM. Savings include and are not limited to; saving a corporation on server costs, as well as ongoing support and upgrades. However, CRM is truly beneficial to a company at any level, whether it is a web based CRM or on premise.

A Web Based CRM Helps To Reduce Employees Expense

By having a CRM, any sized company can expect to run more smoothly. Any organization that does not have centralized CRM system in place is at a distinct disadvantage.

One of the main benefits to a CRM system is its scalability. A small company that implements a CRM can use the exact same web based CRM and scale it to their needs as they their corporation grows. Making this transition is fairly easy, as when a company grows, only an upgraded license and servers need to be upgraded or moved to a dedicated server in order to host the CRM.

Another main benefit to a web CRM, is that it is extremely user friendly and requires very little training expense on a company's part in order to teach their employees how to become proficient. Learning to navigate this type of CRM also requires very little computer knowledge which makes it a perfect solution for a company regardless of its size.

Utilizing CRM on the web not only makes it less intimidating for employees, it utilizes a web browser, which is something that many people are already familiar with and feel comfortable using.

If your company is looking for a proven method on how to increase productivity as well as monitor systems and get a bird's eye view of your business, customer relationship management can more than fit the need for any startup company as well as any established organization that wants to take advantage of breakthrough systems.

If you are still trying to figure out if web based or a hosted CRM solution would make more sense for your organization, give us a call at 858-541-1820 or by send us an email to info@rbdata.com and we would be glad to help.

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  1. Cloud based solutions can be fantastic for a huge number of companies. While it does depend greatly on the company, some of the ones that benefit most from cloud based solutions are the smaller companies and startup companies without the capital to go all out and buy their own system and then maintain it themselves.

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