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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server:  The Ultimate CRM Solution for Enterprises

Customer relationship management is an integral part of every business today. As the importance of interaction with customers grow, it has become the need of the hour to strengthen communication especially in the marketing, sales and service departments.

Dynamics CRM has come a long way in providing high-quality customized services to users. The latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is Microsoft CRM 2011 which includes the power of cloud computing.

Microsoft has different versions of their CRM software. If you want to deploy CRM in-house for a workforce greater than 5 in number, you need the server version; CRM Server 2011. Flexibility and control will be in your hands. You can take advantage of the seamless integration with your Office suite and also use Dynamics CRM right from within Outlook to leverage the advantages better. CRM Server 2011 integrates with your Microsoft server infrastructure perfectly.

A CRM server license is required for each instance of your software running on the systems and Client Access Licenses are required for every person who will use the CRM server. 

What you can achieve with the MS CRM Server 2011 far exceeds what you could with older versions of the software. What you gain from using this server is even greater. When you give your people the right tools (MS CRM), you can expect the right results, experience success in achieving goals and receive maximum ROI. You will find below a set of benefits that the CRM 2011 (on-premises or cloud) can offer to your enterprise.

1. CRM 2011 is highly cost effective when you consider licensing, training, maintenance, administration and deployment. 

2. Boost your productivity. Your sales processes can be automated such that you close deals fast and reduce the sales cycle times. Data access is much faster; you don’t have to wait to retrieve customers data. The result of all this is an improved relationship with your customers. 

3. Easy to navigate. CRM Server 2011 integrates completely with your existing Office products. You can start using the CRM directly from Internet Explorer or Outlook, both of which are very familiar to use. Users are, therefore, able to adapt to the environment quickly while delivering fast results. There is no delay in setting up the system to work for you. 

4. Cloud options for the server enable the entire system to run much faster and better. Your business can take advantage of cloud computing to reduce maintenance and systems management costs. Microsoft guarantees that the cloud you sign up for will always be available. Now, your business can be run cost-effectively with great flexibility. 

5. Create multiple teams around the world. With the power of the cloud you can have multiple teams in different locations working with Server 2011’s integrated tools to help them communicate and collaborate with each other while driving global results.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server you can grow your business no matter how big or small it is. Its flexibility allows it to grow with you as your business grows. The state-of-the-art technology used in CRM 2011 ensures total and reliable security. This is a simple, reliable and affordable CRM solution.

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