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Microsoft xRM is a platform for developing applications which help reduce the costs and time associated with custom-development of the relational Line of Business (LOB) applications. 

This is not a product, but simple extensions and customizations added to the CRM to make it more than a sales tool. This is an evolved version of CRM, as it makes it possible for businesses to manage more than their customer relationships.

Now you can think of Microsoft CRM as a rapid development application with various CRM functionalities making it capable of leveraging the platform of .NET plus many Microsoft applications. 

This xRM platform makes it possible for companies to build business processes way faster and at a lower cost and with less risk than any other purchased solution.  Compared to its predecessor which was used by the customer service, marketing and sales personnel, the xRM can be used by all teams in your business.  In terms of functions CRM could only manage the clients relation while this platform help automate whichever business process while managing customer relation. 

This software equips your team applications to unleash service, marketing and sales prospective among others.

Why use xRM? The main reason why you should use Microsoft dynamic CRM platform over SQL server is because it has the sales-force automation, e-commerce, help desk, activity tracking among other features. Other xRM features include:

1.  Work-flow- this includes an end user interface which makes it possible for managers to manage workflows on the various entities in Microsoft dynamic CRM.  This model includes custom actions, branching, and conditions like creating additional CRM records and sending emails.  This feature can run across your whole business to implement the various business behaviors.

2.  Security-there is a very strong security model in this platform including the concept of records sharing and concept of ownership, permission model and business unit.  The permission model includes the scope concept like editing-records-owned-by-me and within the company.

3. When it comes to reporting, Microsoft dynamic CRM uses both reporting services and Microsoft excel.  This includes a reporting wizard which shows the user how to create very useful reports on the information stored in CRM. These reports are static and can be used by other users.

4. Office integration- the CRM can be integrated with Microsoft office easily by including an offline and online client which can be installed on your workstation.  This makes it possible for various Microsoft outlook users to interact with CRM system directly in outlook.    The offline client makes it possible for the user to interact with CRM system while disconnected to the office network.

5. Microsoft xRM handles various customer management tasks like managing and sending email, managing the appointment calendar and storing the clients contacts.  The xRM meets your company needs by modifying CRM to match your objectives.  The various web-based design-tools make it simple for you to modify the data fields, application forms plus relationships.  The process automation makes it possible for your company to transform various repetitive errands into powerful automated workflows.

6. This software integrates information and application via the web services creating various seamless links across various platforms and systems.

CRM is an acronym from the phrase "customer relationship management." It will be the common expression used to clarify the management of potential customers through the sales process.

The actual CRM software cannot only arrange customer information, but additionally supplies a method to monitor sales leads and possibilities from the time they may be up to once the sale is sealed. It's an approach widely utilized for the control over a business connection with clients and sales leads.

It's really down to using technology to arrange and synchronize company processes, primarily sales activities, but additionally marketing procedures, customer support and tech support.

The general goals will be to determine, attract and seize new business, and keep the existing ones and also motivate former clients to get back together with the company. It details a business technique throughout the enterprise, such as the divisions of interaction together with the customer in addition to customer relationships sections.

Measuring is vital to the implementation of the strategy.

CRM is frequently an information program that may be manipulated manually, as a token program or perhaps an automated computer system. It truly is software created for taking care of customer relationships (CRM), which may be installed straight to a computer or perhaps a web-based program, accessible only on the internet.

Microsoft CRM systems are of help and beneficial in the handling of all the client information such as names, telephone numbers, residences and buying history where people in the common are already familiar and use Outlook every day because of the tight integration between Outlook and Microsoft CRM.

Technological innovation and the Internet already have transformed just how businesses and enterprises deal with CRM strategies since the technological developments also delivered a modification of the buying habits of the customer. and offer brand new ways for the business to convey together with the clients and acquire data on them.

With every fresh step drawn in the realm of the technology, especially the conception connected with self-service channels such as the Internet and smartphones, associations with customers are digitally controlled.

Many facets of CRM are dependent mainly on technology. However the strategies of an improved CRM system can acquire manage along with link data in addition to information concerning the client, so as to help you promote then sell services more efficiently.

Sales increase, improved client satisfaction, and substantial financial savings are benefits to the company.

Proponents point out the technology ought to be carried out only together with a cautious tactical and operational preparation. 

Successful CRM implementations are always more about refining and automating business strategies than technology

The largest challenges that the CRM might have is inadequate usability which is why Microsoft made the decision to tightly integrate Microsoft CRM which 80% of business already know and use.

By having an easy to use interface dramatically improves user adoption.

No CRM system can be considered a success unless everyone in an organization will use it.

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